Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Therapy Begins

Spring is finally here and that means cleaning out flower beds and pots, trimming off the old dead foliage before the new sets on. I "LOVE" this time of year because it seems to be therapy for me and gives me a new lease on life. Give me a hand spade some plants or seeds and turn me loose! Even the crabby elderly backyard neighbor can't get me down, at least not until he starts trimming MY vines off of MY fence which he has HIS roses growing on (well that is another story). The redbirds, finches, wrens and even the sparrows give way with song while I work. Work did I say work I meant while I'm doing therapy. We have a small yard so it doesn't take long before it starts to take shape. I usually don't like to start planting bedding plants until the first of May. I'm afraid it will frost and kill them but with 80 degrees it is making it hard to wait. I like spring-a-rye baskets hanging from the patio roof, silver lace vine on the fence, geraniums, alyssum, lime green sweet potato vine in the window boxes. Zinnias, black eyed susan, bunny grass, lilies and hosta in the flower beds. I tend to use pinks, lavenders, purple, yellow and white. I like to use old chairs, old metal wash tubs, watering cans and a wooden wheel barrow that Dennis's dad made for us, for containers. I like bird houses, bird baths, fountains, and old wagons. On my patio is an old buffet painted white with a small table and chairs. Above the buffet is a candle chandelier and a picture painted on an old screen. There are a couple of rocking chairs, for guess who, and a big pot of impatience. Are you starting to feel my therapy yet? If not...to each his own.

Now I don't like hot weather and it gets "HOT" here in Kansas. You will only find me out doing therapy in the early morning or later in the evening. The time goes by so quickly I might be out there for hours before I realize it. It is sort of like some people I work with at ESSDACK that can be on the computer for hours on end when they are at home. I don't get that but...to each his own!

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