Friday, April 16, 2010

Angels Among Us

I just read one of my co-workers here at ESSDACK latest blog and it reminded me of a time we had a tire blow out on I-70. We left early one morning to get Nick to Childrens Mercy in Kansas City for sinus surgery and tonsil removal. Just out of Emporia I was passing a semi at 70 miles an hour, another semi right behind me and the tire blew. Well our guardian angel was looking out for us because this grandma remained as calm as she has ever been and pulled to the left because there was no where else to go. After the traffic had passed us by we moved to the right side of the interstate, breathed a sigh of relieve and collected ourselves. Our first thought, "THANK YOU GOD WE ARE STILL A LIVE AND WELL". Second thought was how were we going to get Nick to his surgery third was how were two women and two small children going to change the tire and get Nick to his appointment on time. Fourth thought "THANK YOU GOD WE ARE STILL A LIVE AND WELL"!!! Thank goodness for cell phones because we called grandpa and he called Cooper Tire in Emporia. I should say thank goodness for cell phones, heavenly angels and earthy angels. By earthly angels I mean grandpa with his quick thinking, Cooper Tire for sending two very nice men to quickly change the tire and we were on our way. We made it to Childrens Mercy on time! I always thought we would do something for Cooper Tire when going through Emporia for more of Nick's Cystic Fibrosis appointments but lots of appointments and years later we haven't. Heavenly angels I KNOW we have them "WE ARE A LIVE AND WELL" to prove it! Nick is now on his 10th or so sinus surgery and is getting ready for another one which is something that comes along with CF.

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