Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Learning to Walk

Claire our youngest grandchild is 11 months old already and walking! We were at their house a few weeks ago and she was just taking a step or two, now she is walking the length of the living room. This week-end we decided to Skype them, something we haven't done very much since they moved back from Colorado. They still live four hours away, to far for just an evening. Four hours is a lot better then the twelve hours we use to drive when they lived in Montrose. Sunday evening we used Skype to visit and see everyone! Before we were done with our visit grandpa and I wanted to see Claire walk so they took the computer to one end of the living room and put Claire at the other end. I held out my hands to her and said "come to grandma" and here she came!! Technology is "AWESOME".

A few years ago when our son and his family lived in Montrose they couldn't come home to our house for Thanksgiving so we put Skype to use then too. When the rest of the family got to our house and we were ready to eat Thanksgiving dinner we set the computer on the hutch looking towards the table and they did the same. Who says you can't have a family dinner even when one of the families is 600 miles away and west of Monarch Pass on Thanksgiving! That was something to be very thankful for and we were. ; )

Nick our grandson with Cystic Fibrosis thinks he might be going into the hospital for what they call a tune up and I'll have to see if we can Skype him there too!

My co-worker Pam, had a good time with Skype on Sunday also! You might want to check it out.