Monday, July 25, 2011

Therapy on Hold

If you have read my blog before you know that working in my back yard is my therapy. This has been a very unusual summer with the extreme heat and no rain for weeks on end. We have had 100-110 with no rain for way to long. My flowers started off good in the spring and I am glad I took pictures of them so I could remember what they did look like. I say "did" because they no longer look like that, they are stressing and that is making me stress. Every day I go out to water and they look so sad it makes me sad. We usually would have had some coffee time or evening supper on the back patio often by now but even in the shade it is miserable. I don't know whether to put them out of their misery or keep hoping they will come out of it this fall for awhile! It is not only the heat and no rain but also the insects that are eating on the plants. I have tried to doctor them but I can't seem to come up with the right combination of things to help them.

I don't do any better in the heat then my plants in fact maybe I do worse. If I'm out in the heat to long my face will get red and white splotches on it and then I get nauseous!

When I was around nine years old we lived on a farm near Walker, Missouri and were out in the pasture when I decided to go to the house, for what, I don't remember. I probably had a 1/2 mile to go and I saw a snake! (I'm so terrified of them that it was hard just typing the word on this page) Well I ran the 1/2 mile in the heat and I get the splotches and nausea ever since. I think maybe I had a heat stroke or something.

Thank goodness I work inside in the cool of ESSDACK with COOL people!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Time for a Tune Up!

Our grandson, Nick, who has Cystic Fibrosis just called and said he was headed to St Francis/Via Christi hospital in Wichita for what the Cystic Fibrosis community call a tune up. They just need a time of IV meds under the watchful eye of a CF Doctor.

He has a new Dr since he turned 19 and now considered an adult! We are hopeful that this time in the hospital will help him to feel well. His lung function is down to 50%. He has been waiting for a room to open up and away from others who have respiratory illnesses.

His mother asked if maybe he could check into the hospital here but his Dr said she would rather he came there so she could keep an eye on him. She said she had been looking through his file and noticed he had been on the wrong antibiotic and that is why she felt he wasn't getting better. That is a good and a bad thing!! Good because it sounds like we have a Dr that is on top of things and bad because you don't know how much we have probably paid for some antibiotic that didn't work.

We are headed to Wichita to visit him this evening and he has requested some goodies, Twizzlers, Cheese Chex Mix, Peanuts, Sour Patch candy and of course DR. PEPPER!!!!! I work at ESSDACK an educational service center and they very kindly let us borrow a computer for him to use while in the hospital. They are so good about things like that.

Nick hates going to the hospital and starts working on the Dr to let him go home way before he should. He needs to have patience and let the meds work and just relax. Easier said then done! A good week there might make him feel like a new person!

If any of you that read this would like to encourage Nick his address at the hospital would be Nick Craig, Via Christi, 929 N St Francis, Rm 7043, Wichita KS 67214 or Nick Craig, 713 South Halstead, Hutchinson KS 67501 and Thank You Very Much!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Senior Adult Fellowship

Several years ago I felt the calling to volunteer to be one of the people to provide activities for the Senior Adult Fellowship in our church. I volunteered my husband also but he enjoys it as much as I do. I can't take credit for starting the Sunday evening time of food, fun and fellowship as we like to call it. Another man from our church started having them come for potluck and game night. They enjoyed that but the man had been in an accident a few years earlier and his health continued to deteriorate and was no longer able to continue. A year or so went by and my parents who were in the Senior Adult Fellowship had mentioned on occasion that they missed it. I started thinking about it and asked a couple of friends of ours if they would be interested in helping with it. They kindly said yes.

We got started with the 3 of us couples providing the main course and the others bringing salads and desserts. Mennonite women are known for their cooking at least that generation is and believe me they live up to that reputation.

We started just having game night but over the last 5-6 (lost count) years we have gone to wiener roasts at homes of the senior adults, cook outs with hayrides, several singing programs, movie nights and eating out together. One night they all brought baby pictures and tried to guess who everyone was. We have had nights of trivia that have been very interesting with people that are between the ages of 70 and 90.

They are so appreciative of anything and everything we do for and with them. We keep telling them we enjoy the evening as much as they do. We keep trying to come up with different things to do and keep them from getting bored so if you have anything that you think they would be interested in please let me know. We still have game nights with a variety of games or bingo with prizes that are all green for St Patties day or orange for Halloween etc.

Every Sunday evening when it is time to go home they come and say thank you! Many have told us that they hope there is someone to do this for us someday. Well that someday gets closer and closer to our age. You see the age for this group is 65 (I'm 64) to the oldest anybody can be and still come to enjoy the evening.