Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Time with Family

This was one of the best Mothers Days I've had in a long time! My son and his family came on Friday and stayed until Monday afternoon. Well Jacque, Katelyn and Claire stayed until Monday afternoon because Katelyn's third grade class from St Joseph school in Oakley traveled to the Cosmosphere on Monday. My daughter and her children came on Saturday for as long as they could be gone with Nick on his Port. Nick has to be hooked up 8 hours out of the day to get his meds through the Port and there is a break between 11:00 and 2:00. They were going to be at our house on Sunday for lunch but that didn't happen because of the nurse coming to take blood for checking levels. We had plenty of food so we delivered it out to their house. Nick says he is feeling better so hopefully that is the Port working for him. Saturday we also went over to see my mom and dad, they live within a few blocks of us. They hadn't seen Claire since she was born and I wanted to give mom her Mother's Day card.

Claire is our new grand daughter that was born in March. She is smiling and really wants to talk so every once in a while when her mom or dad talk to her she does do a little cooing. She is a very good baby! I know I'm grandma and I might be just a little partial to my grandchildren, that is our job, right?

Jake our son's boy graduated from kindergarten last week and took his field trip to the Garden City Zoo. On the way home they got caught by a big storm and had to stop a long side of the road not knowing if they should continue on the way home to Oakley, where the storm was headed or turn back to Scott City, they finally got the go ahead to go back to Scott City. Katelyn's class didn't know if they should start for home because of the storm approaching Hutchinson. For a while we thought the bus load of 3rd, 4th and 5th graders with their sponsors would be going to ESSDACK where I work to eat and wait for the storm to pass. After some discussion they decided to start for home instead. They all arrived home safely thank goodness.

Well lets see I have managed to get four out of the six in the blog today so I better go ahead and get Allie and Hannah in as well. Allie is a very good student and in the 5th grade, she goes to Haven grade school. She is on the bus at 7 am and doesn't get home until 4 pm, that makes for a long day. Hannah will be attending kindergarten this fall and she is so excited.

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