Monday, May 24, 2010

My Kid's Turn

I wish My Kid's Turn would have been around a few years ago for Nick. I mentioned this site in my blog a couple of months ago. At ESSDACK (an educational service center) where I work they have put together about 80 videos with handy hints for teachers and parents, about different subjects, math, spelling, reading, art and many more that help teachers, parents and grandparents. His mother, grandpa and grandma could have used that to help him with his school work. Nick has always missed so much school, this would have been so helpful then, even now they just expect him to learn things on his own with no teacher. That might work for some kids but not everybody.
As a parent or grandparent you want the best for your kids. You want them to enjoy learning, and to succeed at school. You want them to grow up excited and engaged with their teachers. The good news is that helping your kids succeed in school isn't just something the teachers and schools have control over -- there's a lot you can do, too!
We have 5 younger grandchildren and you can be sure I will tell them all about My Kid's Turn so they can get the benefit of using this great resource.
Nick seems to be getting along better with the port then the picc line but he thinks he still needs sinsus surgery. We are getting ready to send out his Cystic Fibrosis letter and hope for a good year!

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