Monday, April 4, 2011

Katelyn and the Eagles

Last Friday at work I got an email from my sister-in-law about the Eagles in Iowa. It was very interesting and fun to watch at times. This week-end we went to Oakley to our son's home. I was showing our grand-daughter, Katelyn, the live feed of the eagles she was very interested and watched on and off all week-end. After we got home from Oakley Sunday afternoon I was looking at the live feed myself and the daddy eagle flew into the nest with a bird he brought for a meal. The mommy eagle that had been on the nest got up to eat and then you could see the two eaglets that had hatched already. There is still one egg that looks cracked but has not hatched yet. I called Katelyn to see if she happened to be watching the eagles at the time but they had gone out to eat. When they got home she called me and was excited because both the parent eagles were there again. This time it looked like there was a fish in the nest with the bird and rabbit that had been meals earlier. There have also been times when we watched the mommy eagle feed the eaglets.

When the mommy eagle has set there as long as she wants she calls for her mate to replace her and if he doesn't come right away she goes looking for him. He then comes in and sits until her time out is over.

Katelyn emailed a link to her teacher and was anxious to talk to her teacher Monday to see if she saw the eagles, she was going to write about the eagles in school this week. Katelyn loves animals and I wouldn't be surprised if she would choose to be a vet someday.

The Raptor Resource Project is sponsoring a live feed of a nest in northeast Iowa where three eggs were laid in February. The first eagle started to emerge on Friday. The second hatched early Sunday morning and the third is expected anytime.

The Raptor Resource Project set up two cameras perched 80 feet high in a cottonwood tree where the mother eagle has her nest. The group says at such high resolution, viewers should be able to see cracks forming in the eggs before they hatch.

If you are interested in the live feed here is the link.
Decorah Eagles

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