Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Grandchildren's Artwork"

A couple of months ago my grandchildren in western Kansas sent me a link to Artsonia. Maybe you have already heard of Artsonia, a student art gallery K-12 showcasing art projects from around the world. When Katelyn and Jake have a new art project posted I get an email and then I can go to the website and see their art work! "IT IS SO...FUN!!! : ) You can also leave a message for them about their artwork. I started wondering if Allie and Hannah might have artwork too from another school district and did some checking...sure enough there they were!

For Valentines Day I copied a piece of their art and enlarged it, then used it as part of their Valentines card. I'm already thinking of other ways I can use their artwork.

"Artsonia" check it out maybe your grandchildren are there!

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